Dr Gould and William Grandmill


A Professor of Marketing and student of stock and commodity markets, interested in   forecasting prices. His graduate thesis was on determinates of market demand and price forecasts of shell egg prices at the NY Butter and Eggs Market. His interest in forecasting commodity prices and trading gradually expanded to trading equities.

His introduction to Grandmill was a Windsor Books mailing for Grandmill’s, “Investing in Wheat, Soybeans and Corn”.  This book opened his eyes to a different approach to forecasting grain prices. Desirous to know more of Grandmill’s trading methods he soon acquired from Windsor all of Grandmill’s books and was fortunate to obtain some of Grandmill’s original news letters sent by Grandmill to subscribers of his news letter service.

The appeal of Grandmill’s trading method is the removal of emotions from trading decisions and its sound footing in market fundamentals with accompanying price forecasting graphs reflecting “current” market conditions. Updates to Grandmill’s price forecasting tables, using his original methods, were necessary when market fundamentals and dynamics changed caused by ethanol’s use for fuel.

For many years James Gould was a monthly contributor to The Grains Newsletter when edited by William Gale. Gale and Gould had a harmonious relationship with Gale writing the monthly analysis of market conditions (fundamentals) and Gould preparing monthly price forecasts based on updated Grandmill price forecasting charts.

James Gould took over the newsletter when William Gale decided to cease publication.

James Gould’s desire is to preserve the trading legacy of William Grandmill and perpetuate his trading method and ideas on this website.

James Gould earned PhD from Cornell University. His major was Marketing with minors in Finance and Economics. Forecasting stock and commodity prices is one of his passions. He has developed and trades using computerized price forecasting models based on price, volume and open interest.  He is currently a Professor at Pace University in Westchester New York.


Not only a successful grains trader but interested in teaching others to master the art of trading grains (Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Soybean Oil and Soybean Meal).  He wrote seven books (available from Windsor Books, 800-321-5934, www.Windsorpublishing.com )

Grandmill’s trading approach was a combination of fundamental and technical indicators. Fundamentals consisted of government reports of planting intentions, crop progress, weather and historical harvest reports. Technical indicators consisted of a series of price forecasting graphs based on price histories of carryover, USDA high and low price estimates and monthly prices. His price forecasting graphs provide traders with an estimate of price ranges for the coming month.

Grandmill’s two books on Soybean options trading represent a new approach to Soybean trading. His charts tell traders when trading positions offer profit potential or are likely to result in losses.

Grandmill’s, “Investing in Wheat, Soybeans and Corn” is considered by many to be a classic on grains trading. This book introduces his trading method and explains how one can profit from these markets.

Grandmill’s price forecasting tables were based on 10 years of historical price and carryover relationships (ca. 1975 to 1985). A marked “shift” in market demand and dynamics occurred for grains with the corn for ethanol program.  This resulted in Grandmill’s original price forecasting graphs no longer being reflecting market prices. Updates to Grandmill’s price forecasting tables, using his original methods were made by James Gould.  Price forecasts using the Grandmill method and updated charts are presented on this site.

William Grandmill passed away 20 March 1995, however, his trading legacy lives on in his writings and this website.