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Please mail the current newsletter to me. Thank you. PS I work with Dr. H who has received a newsletter and seems very excited. Soon he will let me read the book that he purchased by Wm. Grandmill and I thought having the newsletter in hand while reading the book will be a better use of this free offer.

Sara M., Pequot Lakes, MN

Enclosed please find a check for the updated “12-Months Grains Trading”. I bought your first issue of “12-Months Grains Trading” and it has been invaluable to me. I spoke with Mr. Grandmill at his home in British Columbia, Canada (He was in the phone book!!) approximately 1 year before he passed away, and he advised me to continue using the charts to sell soybeans and wheat. You appear to be carrying on his good work. Please rush your book to me. Thank you for your consideration.

Thomas W. G., San Diego, CA

I recently had an apartment fire and lost all my books, one of which was “Investing fh Wheat, Soybeans, Corn.” I do get the Grains Newsletter, but I would like to get another copy of Mr. Grandmill’s book. Can you be of assistance and tell me where I might be able to order it? Thank you for your assistance. P.S. I have already made some money in wheat this March due to the information provided in your newsletter!

Richard S. , Gladstone, OR

We have viewed your site and believe that we can help generate traffic to you…Please e-mail back to me your response at ira@iepstein.com…Looking forward to a lasting new relationship.

Ira Epstain , President of Ira Epstein & Company Futures

In May of 1997, I sent for your “12-Months Grains Trading” book which updates Wm. GrandmiH’s graphs, and “Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal”, the last works of Mr. Grandmill. I have found your new book to be excellent. The accuracy is uncanny and I have made some fantastic profits using the new graphs. I am also pleased with the “averaging” method used by Mr. Grandmill in “Let Uncle Sam Do Your Grain Forecasting”. I combined the prices projected from the new charts with the averaging method and I have found the resulting averages uncanningly accurate. I am enclosing my “worksheet” that has been very helpful to me in “eyeballing” the prices I derive from the charts and averaging.I am enclosing a check to subscribe to Grains newsletter and the chart updates for wheat, beans and corn. Thank you for your consideration.

TWG , San Diego, CA

I really enjoy your site. I refer clients to it already and I’d like to do a link exchange.

TJJ , President / Advantages In Options

You are welcome to publish this review, but please keep our name associated with it. A respected newsletter with a solid history and record of accuracy; it provides reliable grassroots information and resources that you need for smart and rewarding investments. Perhaps you could take a look at what their faithful readers have to say; you’ll see why they’re so devoted.

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My name is Andy A. and I am associated with A.J., an introducing futures broker for LIT First Options. I am seeking your permission to put your website as a link on our website” “. I feel that our clients and visitors might possibly find your website informative and interesting. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Andrew A., A.J.T.C.

Dear Sir, Having purchased “Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn”, I was so impressed with what I read that I would like to take advantage of your two offers: “Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal”, & “12-Months Grains Trading”. Enclosed is a cheque. Also would you sign me up for the Grains newsletter?

JB , Bonita, CA

Please change my mailing address to -. Enjoy the newsletter and have made money on wheat options already.

GE , Henderson, NV

I have enjoyed being a Grains Newsletter subscriber for several years now. Your newsletter has gotten better each year. One thing I particularly like is the tables for Soybeans, Wheat and Corn that you include in the newsletter…! like the longer term approach to estimating prices. Additionally, the copy of “Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal” which I purchased is great…Keep up the good work in the newsletter.

RWS , Fredericksburg, VA