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Welcome to the New and Improved for 2013 GrainsNewsletter website. Since 1996 This site has been devoted to The Grandmill Method, a unique and very profitable method of ” investing” in grain futures. The Grandmill method was developed by William Grandmill and he closely guarded his system until which time he had accumulated more money than he felt he needed. At that time he authored seven books on trading the grain markets.His pinnical book Investing in Wheat, Soybeans, Corn reveals in detail his system for generating consistent profits in the grain markets.All his books are available from Windsor Books addition to his trading method, Grandmill developed keen observations regarding the markets that continue to be true to this day. BE YOUR OWN ADVISOR!

The heart of the Grandmill method is the fundamentals of supply and demand expressed in percent of carryover terms that are the basis of his forecasting graphs, Mr. Grandmill said, “it is just as important to get the direction of the market, maybe more important, than it is to get the exact size of the estimated profit.” Mr. Grandmill’s original “year round investing plan” for the most part limited considering trades to only twice a year for each grain for each of the 2 contract months for each grain his data included: December and July for Wheat and Corn; November and May for Soybeans.Dr. James S Gould is the foremost world authority on the Grandmill method of successfully trading of wheat,soybeans and corn and the researcher that keeps the Grandmill charts up to date. Dr Gould painstakingly continues the data gathering to successfully trade the Grandmill method. The Grainsnewsletter subscription provides all the information and trade recommendation based on Grandmills original method as well as Dr. Goulds modified “12 months grain trading” plan.

Dr. Gould’s “12-Months Grains Trading” opened up the Grandmill trading principles to actual year round trading for the first time ever. The graphs created enables the originating of trades in every month of the year for all of the contract months for each grain with data updated current for a decade beyond that included in Mr. Grandmill’s original graphs.

In Dr. Gould’s own words, “My discovery of the Grandmill method was made in 1992. At first I was skeptical of the method, asking how can someone predict dates of contract price high and lows. As I examined Grandmill’s trading method in greater detail, it became obvious that fundamental analyses were the underpinnings of all trading decisions. At first, I believed the Grandmill method too good to be true. Methodically, I reviewed historical price and carryover relationships (using WASDE data). To my surprise, Grandmill’s idea held! Slowly and cautiously, I increased my trading decisions based on Grandmill’s trading rules.”

DR. GOULD AND GRAINS NEWSLETTER: When Mr. Grandmill died, subscriber’s to his own private newsletter had not just lost a dear friend, but a vital trading instrument that they had come to depend on. Mr. Grandmill’s newsletter was published only twice a year: In May and November. Grains Newsletter began by continuing to supply the data twice a year to all interested. Then our paths crossed with Dr. Gould who had taken a proven good idea to the ultimate conclusion: He had not only updated the Grandmill forecasting graphs with current WASDE data to reflect current market action, but has done so for all contract months for all calendar months of the year! The Grandmill “automatic year round investing plan” (considering the feasibility of trades if they meet all the criteria only twice a year in each grain) is now possible all year long!

That work is available exclusively from Grains Newsletter, and includes two brand new sections: 108 Price History Charts that include both 15-year and 5-year charts for the December and July Wheat and Corn contracts and 15-year and 5-year charts for the May and November Soybean contracts, plus individual charts for every crop year that graphically depict high and low prices concomitant with carryover percentages. The 2nd new section consists of six “95% Confidence Level” charts that include the operative December and July Wheat and Corn contracts and the May and November Soybean contracts that graphically depict the high and low prices at the specified carryover percents which are accurate 95% of the time! We have titled this remarkable work “12-Months Grains Trading”.

Dr. Gould continues to monitor these conditions and states, “I consider William Grandmill’s trading concepts–and basic overall approach–to be fundamentally sound and impervious to the passage of time.” He believes these updated charts and graphs to be currently adequate and has pledged to further update (beyond the monthly updates in Grains Newsletter) if and when it should become necessary.

A grainsnewsletter subscription gets you online access to the monthly updates and all trade recommendations for the original Grandmill method as well as Dr. Goulds modified trading plan all at the same cost that the original subscription price! That’s right…. the same price as 1996. Subscribe today and begin to “invest” in your grains trading success.

Grandmill Forcasting Method

A basic tenant of Grandmill’s trading method is that each trader should be “his/her own trading advisor.” Mr. Grandmill has provided the basic tools for alternative investing and making trading decisions. As traders, our responsibility is to apply these tools to current market conditions and decide for ourselves if a trade should be taken and when it should be closed. Read More


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